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A respectful, congenial, and equitable programme that is welcoming and engaging for alumni as well as their families.
A programme with strong ties between industry and academia, and the ability of promote mentoring, internship and career opportunities for students and alumni in all domains.
To develop and strengthen ties between our Alumni and CBL University by providing diverse tangible benefits, not limited to, career services, networking opportunities, events and lectures, and the opportunity to connect with and inspire students and graduates. And, to engage Alumni with University research and future goals, in order that each individual feels welcome and valued as a member of the CBL University.

My Dearest & Most Dynamic Alumni
It's my dream and mission to see that India becomes a knowledge superpower by 2030"
The development of any Nation largely depends on its youth. Only the youth, imbibed and nurtured with the perfect amalgamation of World Class Teaching Practices and Sanskars will be the one who owns an ability to lead masses, move forward on the path of success and leave their footprints for others to follow.
Today, our university is known for producing graduates that are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields of career. We have embossed its name at almost every part of the world in the form of its Alumni. The uniqueness of our Alumni can be seen in every initiative

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